Hello! I’m Rachel Brindle. I maintain this digital garden (or knowledge repository) here. Amongst other things, I’m a pilot, I’m building my own (electric) airplane, I’m a software engineer by trade, and I help maintain the Quick & Nimble testing frameworks for iOS.

This is inspired by Nikita’s knowledge repository.

The basic idea is, as I come across information - or otherwise generate my own - I write it down in here. This is meant to provide a single, searchable database for things I know. So that I don’t have to keep searching how I did something previously. Additionally, this serves to help reinforce things I’ve learned, both by forcing myself to write down things I learn, as well as write it in a way that should help my future self not have to spend so long figuring out how I did a thing.

Using this Site

Pages are organized on the sidebar to the left. It’s sorted alphabetically, and most top-level sections have nested subsections. Sections with the chevron next to them can be expanded to show additional subsections. You can also search for things by clicking or tapping on the search icon in the top left.

There is an rss feed to track updated articles here. You can also paste any article’s URL into your rss reader and it should discover the feed.

This uses mdbook as the underlying technology. Additionally, I have written a number of custom plugins (or post-processors, as mdbook calls them) to aid in writing this. They are described in meta/tooling.

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