The seventh continent, at the bottom of the world.

Antarctica is the highest, driest, and most desolate place on Earth.

Jon Johanson’s RV-4 Flight to McMurdo

In 2003, Australian Jon Johanson had the great idea to fly his modified RV-4 down to McMurdo. He even overflew the south pole station, before turning back and landing at McMurdo. There he was stranded for a bit as McMurdo didn’t want to supply him with fuel. He eventually had fuel donated to him and he was able to fly out.

Writeup on Jon Johanson’s flight at

US Antarctic Program

The USAP manages the US-run stations and research vessels, such as McMurdo and the south pole station.

Working in Antarctica

Again, this is only relevant for US-based persons such as myself. You can work directly through the USAP in either a management position (not likely to deploy), or a scientist position (more likely to deploy). Additionally, the USAP contracts with several companies for support staff.

I find the idea of working in Antarctica intriguing, but I would not be willing to make the sacrifice required to do so. It would definitely be an adventure, but being cut off from the rest of the world for 6 months sounds like a bit too much.

South Pole Station

Highly interesting Wendover Productions video on Living at the South Pole.

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