Used to represent tabular data, the <table> element can display a 2 dimensional table of data.

Permitted elements are, in order:

  • <caption> (0 or 1)
  • <colgroup> (0 or more)
  • <thead> (0 or 1)
  • Either of:
    • <tbody> (0 or more)
    • <tr> (1 or more)
  • <tfoot> (0 or 1)


The <caption> is used to provide a title or caption for a table. It should always be the first child of a <table>. Styling and physical position can be adjusted using the CSS caption-side and text-align properties.


The <colgroup> element allows you to define columns inside of a table. You can then place <col> elements inside to define those specific column groups. It should appear after <caption>, but before other child elements of the <table>.

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