Bicycling is the best form of ground transportation.

No, but seriously, here’s why bicycling is the best.

  • Low cost of entry, and very low recurring costs. (You can get a decent hybrid for a few hundred dollars. Maintenance can be done by anyone, but even if you have a bike shop exclusively do your maintenance, it’s less than $100/year to maintain.)
  • Keeps you fit & healthy. Yes, maintaining weight is entirely about your diet, but cycling helps you stay fit & healthy regardless of weight.
  • Relatively speedy. Most people can easily maintain 10 mph on flat ground, with a little training you can easily double that.
  • Incredibly nimble. Bikes take up very little space, and have very low mass making them easy to maneuver around obstacles.
  • Extremely versatile. You can carry just about anything with a bike. Larger items require more planning, but you can certainly carry full sheets of plywood with a bicycle trailer.
  • In a lot of urban environments, bicycling is the fastest mode of personal transport. You can filter through car traffic, don’t have to look for parking, and can take shortcuts. Even in the Venice, CA area, bicycling is faster than driving a car to destinations less 3 to 5 miles away.


Last updated: 2022-08-14 18:29:20 -0700