Simple Soup

Soups are super easy. You can make a soup simply by tossing a bunch of vegetables into a pot and let them boil for 20 minutes. This is a simple vegetable (or beef) soup I like to make.

The only real way to screw up soup is to let it sit/cook for too long. Mushy soup isn’t good. I’ve learned that when I do make soup, I need to commit to finishing it by the next night, or else it’s not something I’m going to enjoy finishing.

Ingredients (Vegetarian)

  • Beans (Pinto, Kidney, or Red) ~1lb
  • Assorted vegetables, here’s what I enjoy:
    • potatoes (use the smaller red/yellow potatoes, don’t use russets/baking potatoes. You want a “starchy” potato)
    • carrots
    • celery
    • bell peppers
    • radishes
    • onions
  • Vegetable broth (I use 2 16oz containers)
  • Noodles/Pasta. Only do 1 package, here’s what I’ve used/liked
    • Egg noodles are good
    • shells (the smaller the better)
    • rotini
  • Seasoning to taste. I typically do pepper and italian seasoning.

Ingredients (Non-Vegetarian)

This is the same as the vegetarian, with the following replacements.

  • Ground Beef (~1lb) instead of beans
  • Beef Broth instead of vegetable broth


You’re going to use medium heat for most of this, unless otherwise specified.

If you’re making the non-vegetarian variant:

  • Season the meat, roll into balls. Cook these in the bottom of the pot with no liquid until they’re entirely brown on the outside.
  • Pour in the first container of broth.

If you’re making the vegetarian variant:

  • Pour in the beans + broth at the same time.


In order of density of the vegetables (denser vegetables take longer to cook), cut and add them to the pot.

Add seasoning as desired.

Cook, covered, for about 10 to 15 minutes, or until the vegetables are close to being banned.

Add the noodles, more seasoning, and the other broth container.

Cook, covered, for another 10 minutes or so.


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