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A really nice host of linux-based machines that I use to host many sites (including this one!). This have a number of different offerings, though I only use them for their VPSs (the “Shared CPU” compute offering). As of this writing, I have 2 different VPSs set up: a “nanode” instance ($5/month), and a 2 GB “linode” instance ($10/month). The nanode plan essentially runs nginx configured for a bunch of different roots (this site, the coz-e site, and others). The linode instance exists solely to run my CI, running both a Concourse web instance, as well as a single Linux worker.

These are all managed through an Ansible playbook I wrote (with initial setup being covered by a small shell script. This script does the bare minimum to create and configure an instance enough to have Ansible work correctly).

Last updated: 2021-12-14 22:03:47 -0800