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Making app content searchable!

In general, you should prefer to batch update the index. However, keep in mind that the default() index doesn’t support batching - you’ll need to create your own.


Add items with indexSearchableItems(:completionHandler:), and remove them with one of the deletion methods.

Opening an item that was searched for

Once you have your stuff in the index, you need to handle what happens when the user searches for and selects one of those items.

Doing this is the same codepath as continuing from a deeplink. Only, this time, the activity type will be CSSearchableItemActionType, with the item identifier (you should have picked one that actually refers to your item) as value for the CSSearchableItemActivityIdentifier key under the userInfo property. See Apple’s documentation on doing this.

Last updated: 2020-06-07 16:24:37 -0700