Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Guest writer: Nicole Fronda

Elopement vs. Wedding

Rachel and I had been thinking of getting married for a while, but every time we would sit down to start planning a wedding, we’d get overwhelmed with thoughts of spending thousands of dollars, figuring out who to invite, who to please, etc. Finally we got it in our heads that eloping was the right move for us. And when 2020 rolled around, it seemed like the right time. Rachel was slotted to receive her private pilot’s license in the first quarter. I would finish my Master’s degree in the second quarter and (likely) start a PhD program in the third quarter. It was going to be a big year for us (the impending global pandemic notwithstanding).

After ringing in the New Year we settled on a few key items:

  • Location: Santa Barbara Courthouse
    • A gorgeous venue in a fun city
  • Date: End of February
    • Because my midterms would have completed by then and Rachel would have passed her pilot check ride
  • Guests: Almost no one
    • This was the best part. We asked our friend, Christine, and her boyfriend, Scott (also our photographer) to be our witnesses
  • Attire: We winged it
    • The photos turned out well!
  • After ceremony activities: Also winged it
    • Rachel booked a couple restaurants. We went wine tasting. Got ice cream. Hung out on the pier and the beach. Super chill.

A nice, simple to-do list.


rainbow We were graced with a rainbow over the courthouse. Good sign.

ceremony1 Some pre-ceremony jitters.

ceremony2 “Now join hands” Screams internally

rachel with vows Rachel: We did it! Nicole: Now let’s go kiss under that tree!



apple watch commercial Not an Apple Watch commercial, we swear.

more staring

staring upwards

head on shoulder

bell tower cheek kiss And of course we had to take some pics at the top of the bell tower.

bell tower view

titanic mode1

titanic mode2

now what Rachel: K now what. Nicole: idk. Ice cream?

ice cream

bear And some end of day cuddles with our ring bear :D


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