Miter Saw Station

This is heavily inspired by/a copy of I Like To Make Stuff’s Miter Saw Station (and somewhat including his improvements).

I haven’t yet cadded up his stop-block system, but I’ll add that once I get to it.

Note: As of this writing, I haven’t built this yet.


This is super simple. A couple tables made of 2x4 studs, and a center piece also made of 2x4 studs. The table surfaces and the dustbox are made of 0.5 inch plywood.

  • 2x4 studs:
    • 6x 45“ studs (side table main supports)
    • 2x 36“ studs (saw side support)
    • 4x 34.5“ studs (side table bottom cross supports)
    • 3x 34“ studs (saw cross support)
    • 6x 33“ studs (side table top cross supports)
  • 0.5 inch plywood
    • 2x 48“ x 36“ sheets (side table tops)
    • 1x 37“ x 36“ sheet (saw table top)
    • 1x 37“ x 28“ sheet (back of the saw box)
    • 1x 37“ x 16“ sheet (top of the saw box)
    • 2x 28“ x 15.5“ sheets (sides of the saw box)

I intend to make the front out of cardboard, because it’s simple to work with and I have some available.

In all, you can get away with the follow:

  • 3x 4’x8’ sheet of 0.5 inch plywood
  • 10x 8’ long 2x4 studs

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