Job Interviewing

Notes/Reminders on what to ask when interviewing for a job.

Recruiter Screens

Some are very iOS specific.

  • Which particular team is this role for? What can you tell me about them?
  • Does the team own the entire iOS app, or only a portion of it?
  • How cohesive is the team?
  • What’s the remote work policy?
    • For COVID-19: Obviously, it’s fully remote, but what was it before the restrictions were put in place, and what can I expect it to look like after?

Technical Interviews

  • What’s your tech stack look like?
  • What are some practices you/the team wants to follow, but has difficulty doing so?
  • Similarly, what are some practices you/the team does follow, but you wish you wouldn’t?
  • How do you feel about third party frameworks?
  • How do you spread knowledge amongst members of the team? How do you support this kind of professional growth?
  • What’s your on-call rotation look like?

iOS-Specific technical questions

  • How do you feel about storyboards? Nibs? Laying out in code? Autolayout/others?
  • How far back in terms of versions do you typically support?

Testing & QA

  • What’s your testing strategy look like?

    • How do you feel about TDD?
  • How do you handle testing network requests?

  • How do you handle testing that the UI is wired up correctly?

  • How do you feel about XCUITest? (Obviously iOS specific)

  • How do you feel about xUnit-style frameworks?

  • How do you feel about rspec-style frameworks?

  • How reliable is your CI? What all do you have CI doing for you? (Verifying tests is usually a given)

  • What’s the PR flow like for you all?

    • How is the flow when a PR gets updated after being marked as approved?
  • How do you verify things work before deploying? What’s the workflow like after a PR gets merged?

Automation and Deployment

  • What do your deployments look like? Are they automated, why/why not? How automated are they?
  • How do you address bad deployments? How does rolling back look like?

General/Non-workflow Questions

  • What do you like best about working at $YOUR_COMPANY?
    • What frustrates you the most about it?
    • (Or: what would you change if you could)
  • If manager: How do you feel about your reports
  • How do you feel about your manager? (Still valid when asking managers, you know. Unless you’re interviewing the CEO)

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