UI Testing

XCUITest, introduced in iOS 9, is a technology for automating acceptance tests. It works by running your app in a separate process from the test, with the test communicating to the app using a form of IPC (Inter-Process-Communication). Elements are identified via accessibility IDs/values.

A pretty decent introduction/reminder of what all is involved.


You can fetch a group of elements matching a predicate by calling element(matching:) on any XCUIElementQuery. Most objects in XCUITest are XCUIElementQuery’s.

Anything that conforms to XCUIElementAttribute can be queried as part of one of these queries.


  • Finding text on a Cell
    Honestly, I had more luck with app.tables.cells.element(boundBy: 0).firstMatch.staticText[LABEL_ACCESSIBILITY_ID].

Dismissing a popover

Popover are dismissed by tapping… basically anywhere outside the popover. There’s a specific element to tap that’ll do this:


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