Personal Minimums

The FAA has a personal minimums worksheet available. Here’s an adapted version of that.

Weather Categories are as follows:

CategoryCeiling (feet AGL)Visibility (Statute Miles)
VFR> 3,000> 5 miles
MVFR1,000 to 3,0003 to 5 miles
IFR500 to 9991 to < 3 miles
LIFR< 500< 1 mile
Weather Condition Ceiling Visibility
VFR Pattern Work: TPA + 1000 feet MSL
Cross Country: Cruise altitude + 2000 feet. IFR Cross Country: Not a factor
Pattern Work: At least 7 SM.
Cross Country: 7+ SM. IFR Cross Country: Not a factor.
MVFR VFR Flight: No go.
IFR Flight: At least 2,000 feet AGL
VFR Flight: No go
IFR Flight: Go.
IFR Fly with a safety pilot. Fly with a safety pilot.
LIFR No go. No go.
Wind Conditions
Turbulence Less than "Severe". If there's a turbulence PIREP from a jet, then cancel.
Surface wind speed (Gusts or Sustained) Less than 15 knots
Crosswind component Less than 10 knots crosswind component.

Basically, I have very conservatives minimum at the moment. Which is fine, because I fly light aircraft for fun. I also am relatively inexperienced - at the time of this writing, I have just about 200 hours total time, which is in that danger zone of ~100 to ~500 hours where most GA accidents occur in.

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