An electric Cozy Mark 4.

Links on building a gas-powered Cozy Mark 4

A lot of these point to non-secure sites.

  • The unofficial cozy builders web site, run by Marc Zeitlin.
  • Cozy Girrrls makes and sells parts for the Cozy and other canards. They also have a site (very 90s) on how they built their cozy.
  • John Slade’s page on building his Cozy.
  • Phillip Johnson’s Kinda Kozy has a subaru engine, fully retractable gear (which makes the cozy look so much better, even with the retracts deployed, a front hinge canopy w/ gull wing passenger entrance.
  • Cozy Serenity (not obvious who the builder is) has a really detailed, modern build log. Definitely standing on the shoulders of giants type deal.
  • Eureka CNC - this guy built a CNC hot wire machine, and sells jigs that are CNC’d, or fully CNC’d out foam cores.


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