Noise Abatement

It’s loud, here’s the noise abatement procedures for a few of the airports I’ve flown out of.

I’m not a CFI. Hell, as of this writing, I’m not even a private pilot. Don’t take this as flight instruction.

Hawthorne Municipal - khhr

Available here, we have:

  • Takeoff at Vy (best rate of climb). (Normal takeoff is Vx)
  • Upwind to at least the end of the runway.
  • Turn crosswind at 500 ft above field elevation OR by Hawthorne mall, whichever comes first. (Normal crosswind turn is at 800 ft above field)
  • Fly downwind over El Segundo BLVD. This means that your downwind will be much closer to the field than it otherwise would be.

Note that this is voluntary - but you should still follow it because aviation is already hated by the general public.

Santa Monica - ksmo

Available here. This is:

  • Takeoff runway 21, fly over the golf course (turn 10 degrees left at end of runway, then right to fly over the golf course).
  • Don’t turn crosswind until after you fly over Lincoln.
  • Turn base at/around I-405/When ATC tells you.

Unlike Hawthorne, there’s an actual ordinance behind the Santa Monica noise abatements. Meaning that violating them is something you really don’t want to do.