To Don’t

The opposite of a ToDo list.

This is mostly lists of projects I am interested in starting, but I know I will be a complete waste of time if I ever start it. These definitely could work with a team of people, but for a solo project, these aren’t worth it.

  • Web Browser. Something maybe like Midori was a number of years ago (I last used it ~2010). Frankly, outside of basic stuff you can build on top of WKWebView, browsers aren’t worth it. There’s an (unfortunate) reason that there are really only 3 browsers out there.
  • Email client. I actually built one ages ago when I was still in high school. Learned how to use POP and SMTP from that. But with more modern requirements, email clients aren’t worth my time.

Last updated: 2023-08-12 07:56:41 -0700