Unix Tooling & System Administration

Doing things in the shell and managing systems.

This covers the following command line tools:

  • ag is like a combination of find and grep. It allows you to use regexes to search in or for files in a file tree.
  • AirCrack is a wifi-sampling (and, if you have the right and enough information, allows you to break into wifi networks) program, but can be used for other, really cool things.
  • ffmpeg allows you to manipulate video and audio files from the command line. It’s very full featured, especially considering it’s a command line program.
  • git covers some of the less-used (for me, as someone who uses git almost entirely from the command line) git commands.
  • jq is a tool for manipulated json data, providing an xpath-esque syntax for doing so.
  • pandoc allows converting between different document types. (markdown to latex, markdown to pdf, etc.)
  • youtube-dl is a neat program for downloading from and querying various video hosting sites. Including the namesake youtube.
  • Lastly, shell is a list of recipes for doing various things in the common shell scripting languages. Whether or not you should write shell scripts that are that complex is not at all covered (You probably shouldn’t).

On the System Administration side, this section covers:

  • Backups covers backing up different systems and how to do that.
  • Linode discusses how I use Linode, the cloud hosting provider I use.
  • SystemD has some information for setting up and using systemd services.
  • ZNC covers a little bit of setting up and using the IRC bouncer, znc.

Network Monitoring

  • bandwhich is a network monitor tool written in rust. It displays current network utilization by process, connection and remote IP/hostname.

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