Short for Humanity, Fuck Yeah. These are sci-fi/fantasy stories about how humans are different than other species.

Some of my favorite examples are:


  • The Deathworlders is one of the original/foundational HFY stories. Humans are still pre-contact, yet there have been some that are illegally kidnapped/in space, and as it turns out, there they only ones to have evolved from a “deathworld” - a high-gravity planet with very competitive life.
  • Contact Procedures. Humans are relatively advanced when an FTL gate is installed in their system. They are introduced to a corrupt government, figure out that said government is corrupt, gives them the finger and fights them. It’s one of the best-written stories in the subreddit.
  • Intergalactic Challenge Games. Aliens host an Olympics-inspired event, this is the first event with humans, and humans troll the shit out of them. 5 part story.
  • On the Shoulders of Giants is a look at human rocket development (as of mid-2018 or so, pre BFR -> Starship/Super Heavy rename) from the perspective of them being museum pieces.
  • The Cult of Janus - Humans set up a religion to seed spies and soldiers expecting some galactic war. To keep it’s cover, the religion takes care of the community. Centuries later, another religion tries to start a holy war, and the Church of Janus responds.
  • Humanity’s Debt. Doctors, fuck yeah.

Fantasy/Sci-Fi mix

  • The Magineer is about a futuristic engineer w/ AI implants who gets dumped in an MMORG setting where magic is, at it’s most basic level, a programming language. Super interesting.
  • Finishing The Fight is a halo/neverwinter nights fanfic. It’s written pre-Halo 4, which honestly is a plus in my book.

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