I should leave reviews on goodreads, but I don’t.

Some definition on genre:

I vastly prefer to read sci-fi and/or fantasy. Of that, I really enjoy hard sci-fi, but that’s not a requirement.

Here’s a list of books and other readings I enjoy:


Sorted by Author

Andy Weir

  • The Martian is a hard sci-fi book about someone left behind on one of the first missions to Mars, and his struggles to get back home.
  • Artemis is a heist novel set in the first city on the moon. Like The Martian, it’s also hard sci-fi.

Fletcher DeLancey

My partner turned me on to her. Her Chronicles of Alsea series is pretty great, though at times it reads like the fan fiction it grew out of. They’re still highly entertaining and worth reading.

Scott Meyer

I really enjoy his Magic 2.0 series, though it does have a significant drop-off in quality. The first two books are amazing, the third is pretty good, but not as good as the previous two. But the reviews for the fourth one have kept me from continuing.

Tamora Pierce

When I was 11 or 12, her Circle of Magic books caught my eye at a Barnes and Noble. My parents bought the entire quartet for me. Somewhat recently, I began to re-read these, and remembered everything I enjoyed about them, plus additional things that my older perspective was able to pick up on. This time around, I also read her Circle Opens quartet, which is also good. Highly recommend these feminist books for any fans of fantasy.


I remember reading The Hobbit the summer before fifth grade. The only scene from it that I remember, and even barely, is Bilbo getting the ring. I really ought to re-read it again sometime.

Also around that time, I wanted to read Lord of the Rings. But I just couldn’t get into it. It wasn’t until after I turned 30 that I actually got around to reading the books.

Other Readings

  • HFY is a subreddit where people share stories sci-fi/fantasy stories where humans are the badasses. Usually by picking one particular trait of humans and overexagerrating it to give them an advantage over other species.

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