Supplementary views

Procuring a supplementary view is the responsibility of the collection view’s data source. However, actually init’ing one of those supplementary views (which must be subclasses of UICollectionReusableView) MUST be done by the collection view, via the dequeueReusableSupplemantyrView(ofKind:withReuseIdentifier:for:). It’s better to fatalError() than it is to return a UICollectionReusableView() - at least the error is easier to track when you fatalError().

If you decide you don’t want to show a view for that particular indexPath, instead have your layout object not create attributes for that view, OR create the view, and then set the isHidden property to 0, or set the alpha property to 0. Alternatively, if you have a UICollectionViewFlowLayout as the collection view’s layout, then have the appropriate method on the delegate (either collectionView(:layout:referenceSizeForHeaderInSection:) or collectionView(:layout:referenceSizeForFooterInSection:)) return CGSize.zero.

Either approach is valid and will work.

2-finger multiple selection

New in iOS 13, for both UICollectionView and UITableView.

See the apple documentation.

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