Bicycle Trailer

This is a design for a cargo bicycle trailer, similar to the Bikes At Work trailer, but without the 7 month lead time. That said, if you’re looking for a cargo bike trailer, you really should just get a bikes at work trailer.

Instead of an aluminum trailer, this will be made out of wood. This is designed mostly for ease of construction, with not as much of a regard for weight. I’ll be attaching this to an electric bicycle, which’ll be more than powerful enough to pull what I put on this.

Note: As of this writing I haven’t built this yet.


This is constructed with 2x6 studs as the side runners, with a number of 2x4 studs as the inner supports, or ribs. The front end is also made out of a 2x6 stud, as are the wheel holders/cavities.

  • 2x6 studs:
    • 2x 8’ long stud (each side runner)
    • 1x 27“ long stud (front end)
    • 4x 5.5“ long studs (ends of the wheel cavities)
    • 2x 22.5“ long studs (sides of the wheel cavities)
  • 2x4 studs:
    • 8x 24“ long studs (each rib)
  • Other materials:
    • 2x 16“ bicycle wheels
    • 4x ball bearings (size?)
    • 2x bicycle skewers
    • TODO: Hardware to attach the trailer to the bicycle
    • Sealant for the wood.
    • Paint!

For the studs, you can get 3x 8’ 2x6 studs, plus 3x 8’ 2x4 studs, and that’ll get you the amount you need + enough for other projects.

Last updated: 2022-08-14 18:29:20 -0700